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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)/Subscription and remuneration agreements

Subject and scope of the agreement

1.1 A binding contract between the customer/subscriber and EURON EURO-NETWORK EWIV or the specified EURON office as the service provider - hereinafter referred to in short as EURON - for the provision of services specified in the order and described below shall only come into effect upon the express acceptance of these GTC/ subscription and remuneration agreements by order and the transmission/transfer of company, product or other information (including updates) which is to be published.

1.2 The premium entry will be created using the specified details such as product offering information, telephone number, fax number, website link and e-mail address, as well as information on contact persons, specialisations or product explanations, etc. if applicable, (or as an upgrade) and published online via "" on the B2B service portal.

1.3 Premium subscribers and their product offering information shall also be subscribed to the national online request delivery services and customer procurement services. In the case of a Europe-wide subscription, the product offering information shall be assigned a product-code (number with a product name* in 12 languages). Irrespective of the language used, it will be possible to look up product offerings from any of the country portals involved.

1.4 Premium subscribers shall receive all national or Europe-wide enquiries/requests from potential customers by email in so far as they comply with the respective product and service offering information. These requests are intended to be received exclusively by subscribers and shall be treated as confidential.

1.5 Once the premium entry has been published on the service portal, the subscriber shall receive a confirmation showing the information that has been published and in the case of a Europe-wide subscription, the assigned EU product code*. This data must be checked immediately. Any corrections, amendments or objectionsmust be notified to EURON immediately in writing (by fax or email, if appropriate).

2. Publication and subscription plans and prices.

2.1 The publication of company information (company name with location and industry information) is free of charge.

2.2 An annual fee of € 480 shall be payable for the publication of premium entries as specified in section 1.2, including the subscription to the national online request delivery services and customer procurement services.

2.3 In addition to the aforementioned annual fee, € 96 per year and EU product code is payable for the Europa-wide subscription to the online request delivery service via the B2B service portal "" Moreover, a one-time fee of  € 3 per product and language is payable for translation of the product information and product code setup.

2.4 Publication of advertisements: in addition to premium entries, subscribers can also place advertisements to promote special offers, deals or to feature products or services on the service portal. Similar to a search box, they appear on the search results page. Separate fees are payable for the publication of advertisements on the B2B service portal (if not specified in the offer, they are available upon request).

2.5 The specified fees are exclusive of statutory VAT and invoiced annually. Invoices are payable within ten days from the invoice date.

3. Duration / termination

The order for the publication of the premium entry and the subscription to the national or Europe-wide online request delivery service is deemed to have been placed for an initial period of one year. The publication and subscription order shall be automatically extended for another year, unless EURON receives a written cancellation four weeks prior to the expiry of the annual subscription.

4. Supplementary provisions

4.1 EURON shall not assume any liability for any incorrect entries or outdated information. In this case, subscribers shall be entitled to have the information updated or corrected free of charge. However, they shall not be entitled to assert any claims for damages.

4.2 EURON accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of linked websites or the contact/ request pages filled in and submitted online by users.

4.3 EURON reserves the right to change or update these GTC/Contract and subscription terms and conditions, prices, portal design, software, URL or email addresses without giving any reasons. Subscribers shall be informed about the changes in writing (if necessary also by fax or e-mail). If the subscriber does not raise any objections to the changed prices within three weeks from the notification, these shall be irrevocably deemed to have been accepted. Any preceding General Terms and Conditions or remuneration rates shall cease to be valid.

4.4 To the extent permissible by law, the registered office of EURON shall be deemed to have been agreed as the place of performance and jurisdiction.



* The preparation and integration of the product codes can only take place if they are included in the relevant dictionaries or the CPV table.